“Scarface House” Visit Before It’s Gone

Casa ScarfaceThe Scarface house at 42 Star Island is at the center of controversy on one side the celebrity couple. He a plastic surgeon Leonard Hochstein and she an actress of Real Housewives of Miami cast member Lisa, in the other side members of the Miami Design Preservation League, the organization which has been leading the cause to save the home.

Last week, the couple threw a gangster-themed party at the house. Many people want to bar the plastic surgery power couple from demolishing the 88-year-old estate to build a new McMansion.  However, until they are given the greenlight for their “improvements,” Lisa and her husband plan to milk the house “as is” for all it’s worth…Bravo style.

The Hochsteins have claimed that the home is structurally unsound and the foundation lies below the floodplain.

The Miami Design Preservation League was none too happy with this turn of events once pictures from the party were posted on social media.  Not surprisingly, Lisa didn’t care.  She explains, “It’s really none of their business.  It’s our house, we can do whatever we want. If we want to splatter paint and paint it purple or yellow, it’s our prerogative.”

“Unless major damage is being done to the interior or exterior which could compromise the integrity of the residence this should not be a problem,” Historic Preservation Director William Cary wrote in an email.

Pictures on Twitter and Instagram showed faux blood-splattered walls and chalk outlines of bodies on the floor.  Sounds like a scene!  One guest tweeted, “Star Island tear-down house.”

See the photos here.

The controversy is there, look at some of the most anger commentaries. And you, what do you think about it ???



1.- Nothing they like the publicity too. Both sides are being served. Lisa keeps her name out, historians keep their cause alive. But why did not that same committee make the sellers do those updates before they sold to Lenny n Lisa.

2.- I don’t like that foreigners can come here and knock down historic properties when Star Island has empty lots you can build on. Also I think Thomas Kramer and Rosie O’Donnell have houses for sale on Star Island if those buildings are more to their taste.

3.-Apparently her house was designed by a famous architect back in 1925. if we were to allow all buildings to be destroyed we would not have the cool South Beach art deco district

4.- These so-called “preservationists” are nothing but a bunch of busybodies who think they can get away with changing the terms of a contract, after it has been signed. I’m certain if the Hochstein’s were not well known from the reality show they star in, these biddies would never have tried to interfere.


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